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EDECOA LCD-display-remote-controller-ET-RC

    To confirm that your inverter is compatible with the ED-RC remote control, please contact us for confirmation and send us your inverter’s order number or the S/N code located at the bottom of it before purchasing.


    Please note:


    1. We have two versions of the ET-RC remote control: ET-RC and ET-RC V2. Please confirm the model number of the remote control you are using before purchasing.


    2. If you originally used an ED-RC remote control, you cannot use this ET-RC remote control. Only inverters with ECO mode can be upgraded from ED-RC to ET-RC. Please contact us for confirmation.


    3. Due to stock reasons, the remote control can only be shipped from China for the time being, thank you for your understanding.

Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping
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    We are a brand recognized internationally by the most demanding clients where
    we have 15 years of experience.

    Edecoa 2500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V 230V 2500NR V3  remote (6)
    Edecoa 2500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V 230V 2500NR V3  remote (7)

    ET-RC, at a glance

    13 Indicators LCD Controller

    ET-RC is a new 3.0 generation controller of inverters from EDECOA, which is upgraded with imaginable functions.  This time there are 13 indicators on the screen. Besides the voltage and Amp of both input and output and the output frequency and output frequency, it displays the battery capacity, load volume, inverter internal temperature, and fans' working status in real-time figures. Different error codes and alarm statuses will be displayed on LCD as well. You know what's going on with your system at a glance. 


    Make the alerts visible

    Visible alarm figures

    ET-RC has an independent high-speed MCU, which ensures its real-time and accurate signal source. Working together with the multi-protection and imaginable alarm design, the controller provides you with an insight view of your system. For example, once the battery voltage is too low, the smart buzzer will be beeping, and the battery capacity figure will become empty and flash. From now on, system alert indicators are not only soundable but also visible.


    ET-RC is more than a controller

    Dual USB ports

    If you are tired of belting down to find the USB port on an inverter or found it inconvenient to pass through cables before plugging in a USB socket, then you will definitely like the USB ports provided on the ET-RC controller board. Both USB ports are 5V 2.1A. They are compatible with most of the devices. The most important point is that the current for these ports is controlled by an independent MCU and transported through an independent line, directly from your battery supply. You will never have an interruption issue with ET-RC.


    Lifetime Technical Support

    The professional engineer support team will always be here to assist you during the product's lifetime.


    Hassle-Free Warranty

    The inverter has a two-year warranty.  Sale engineer will try their best to assist you.

    Payment Processing

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    We offer a 30-Day money-back guarantee.

    “Choose EDECOA, join the other thousands of trousands around the world!.”

    ---EDECOA Team

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