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EDECOA Hybrid power inverter 3000VA 3000W 24V to 230V AC with PWM solar controller and battery charger

This is a multifunctional hybrid sine wave inverter/charger, combing functions of power inverter, solar controller and battery charger.
    • Pure sine wave inverter( THD<2%)
    • Build-in 50A solar charger/AC charger
    • Build-in ATS
    • Output power factor 1.0(3000VA/3000W)
    • Super powerful load capacity, powers up whatever below 3000W/3000VA
    • Isolation design between input and output for safety guarantee
    • Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computer
    • 2.4″ LCD display, configurable AC/solar input and charging priority by LCD button setting
    • Compatible to home mains or generator power
    • Support host computer monitoring: RS232 interface, real-time software
    • Battery equalization to optimize battery performance and lifecycle
    • Low/High battery alarm and protection, Overloaded, Output Short loaded, Over Temperature Protection
    • ECO mode works for low power consumption(2W) for energy saving
    • Convert efficiency is as high as 93%
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    We are a brand recognized internationally by the most demanding clients where we have 15 years of experience.

    One Is what you need

    This is a sine wave inverter. Its comprehensive LCD offers user-configurable and easy acceptable button operation, like acceptable input voltage based on different applications and batteries. Another important advantage of it is its easy installation design.

    Firstly it is a 24V to 230V sine wave power inverter. It means that this inverter will transfer the source to battery and continue to provide you with 230V AC supply. At the same time, inverter sine wave output THD is 2%< and the inverter convert efficiency is 93%. Even more, this model can powers up whatever appliance whose rated power is no more than 2400W/3000VA. When the inverter is standby, its consumption is only 2W due to its ECO function design.




    GS overview refer


    LCD display

    2.4" LCD provides more than 25 indicators for your system. Input battery voltage/current, output voltage/current/frequency/wattage, battery capacity percentage, five system working modes, real-time wiring schematic diagram, error code.

    Monitor Software

    A standard RS-232 port is provided to connect the inverter to your computer. You can use the software that comes with the product to monitor all information about your power system. At the same time, you can customize the system on a computer. For example, change the output voltage and frequency. No internet is requested.

    Anti-pressure design for a heavy workload

    We use an advanced soft start technology named "Stepped Circulation" on this model. It improves 50% of the inverter reaction speed and 35% ability to powers up heavy-duty appliances. There is no concern for running water pump, air conditioner, big fridge, washing machine, and oven.  This model can work continuously at 2400W, as long as your battery can support it.

    93% convert efficiency

    Compared with other brands, its efficiency is 5-10% better due to advanced internal structure design and strict production process quality control. The highest efficiency is 93.5% when the load percentage is below 80%.  When the output is 100% (3000W), the efficiency is 90%.


    Programmable power inverter

    Programmable control system arrow customer to customize the specification of the inverter.

    FLOODED and AGM are provided as two options. You can choose the battery type you use to have a better system performance.

    The output frequency is auto sensing between 50Hz/60Hz.The eco-mode function is OFF as default. It can be turned on through the LCD monitor or from the computer.

    Buzzer function ON/OFF setting is available.

    GS led&button function


    RS232 connection

    The inverter provides a standard RS232 port. Users can use the attached cable to connect the inverter to a computer. Customers can use another qualified cable as replacement. But the connection distance should be between two and ten meters.

    Monitor software on PC

    The software on PC provides three functions: Monitor, Setting, History Analysis.

    It displays all information that showed on the LCD monitor.

    You can make all customized settings through PC software.

    All system history records are kept, like total electricity power, total system working time, and error log.

    Different mode at a glance

    Display five modes with live icons. Easy to know the system is Power-on, Standby, Operating, Battery, or Failure

    GS softwave


    GS possible use


    No matter in the motorhome or campervan, in the garden, on the boat, on the construction site, or at the festival: with a reliable and efficient power supply, you won't worry about electricity and can concentrate fully on what is going on is really important to you.

    Home & Office & Audio Studio Power System

    Strong start-up ability, stable pure sine wave, and voltage make it easy to run almost everything in your house or office. Especially when you have some important appliances which have a higher requirement for electricity quality. The GS3000 provides an even higher quality output than a home grid.

    Caravan & Truck

    Reliable mate for your Caravan/Truck 24V power system. Lights, hairdryer, coffee machine, fridge, TV, HiFi system to provide you with coffee and food on your trip.

    Outdoor & Camping

    GS3000 can deliver 2400W continuous power. Work continuously with 100% load pressure. It will work with your electrical tools, coffee machine, and microwave. It powers you up everywhere.




    Lifetime Technical Support

    The professional engineer support team will always be here to assist you during the product's lifetime.

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    We offer a 30-Day money-back guarantee.


    The inverter has CE, RoHS, ETL, FCC, PSE certification.

    Hassle-Free Warranty

    The inverter has a two-year warranty. If you have any questions about the inverter, don’t hesitate to contact us. Sale engineer will try their best to assist you.



    5 Minitures Installation

    EDECOA Home-Energy-Saving-Solar-Power-System
    GS Wiring

    Packing List

    GS packing list

    “Choose EDECOA, join the other thousands of trousands around the world!.”

    ---EDECOA Team


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