Working principle of EDECOA high frequency sine wave inverter


Working principle of EDECOA high frequency sine wave inverter


According to the waveform modulation mode of the inverter itself, it can be divided into square wave inverter, step wave inverter, sine wave inverter and combined three-phase inverter. According to the working frequency of the inverter power transformer, it can be divided into a low frequency inverter, an intermediate frequency inverter and a high frequency inverter. Today we are discussing the high frequency sine wave inverter designed and produced by EDECOA.

Let us understand the working principle of EDECOA brand sine wave inverter.

The DC voltage is divided into two ways, one way is to supply power to the front-level IC to generate a KHz-level control signal. The other way to the front-stage mosfet/IGBT, the mosfet/IGBT is continuously switched on and off by the control signal to make the primary of the high-frequency transformer generate low-voltage high-frequency alternating current. Although the voltage of the alternating current at this time is low, the frequency is quite high---of course, the frequency must be within the range that the mosfet/IGBT can withstand, the purpose is to make the transformer's back stage generate a high voltage output, because the frequency of the front stage is proportional to the output voltage of the subsequent stage.

The high-voltage output generated by the front-stage transformer passes through the high-frequency transformer to output high-frequency alternating current, and then a high-frequency hundreds of V direct current is output to the back-stage mosfet/IGBT through the fast recovery diode full bridge rectification, and then the back-stage IC generates 50Hz control signal which is used to control the work of the mosfet/IGBT of the subsequent stage, and then output 120v/ 220v/ 230v/ 240v V 50/60Hz alternating current.
Of course, a complete EDECOA pure sine wave power inverter also needs some protection circuits such as overload protection, temperature protection, high and low input voltage protection and filter circuits. Filtering in high frequency circuits is also very important. Because high frequency is prone to some interference and parasitic coupling, a filter circuit is needed to filter out the influence of these factors and increase the stability of the circuit.

Not only that, EDECOA is the first brand to adopt a so-called "Intelligent alarm" function for all models. It includes 4 dierent beeping way according to different error/protection situations.

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