Some things you need to know about the 6200W 48V hybrid inverter


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Some things you need to know about the 6200W 48V hybrid inverter


What is the use of hybrid inverter?

In daily life, our demand for electricity is increasing, making it especially important to find a reliable energy solution. Hybrid inverters are the ideal choice to meet this demand. Let's understand the role of inverters from a household perspective to help you better grasp their significance.

The role of hybrid inverters as a backup power source in homes cannot be underestimated. When a power outage occurs, the inverter can automatically switch to battery power mode, ensuring your home continues to operate. You can connect the inverter to essential home appliances such as the refrigerator, lighting system, communication devices, and more to ensure that your life is not disrupted by power outages.

What do I need to be aware of when using a hybrid inverter?

When choosing to power your home with a 6200W hybrid inverter, there are several factors to consider. Two important factors are the continuous power and peak power of the inverter.

Continuous power refers to the power the inverter can consistently output. When using common household appliances, you need to ensure that the inverter's continuous power can meet the power requirements of these devices to support all the appliances in your home.

Peak power is the maximum power the inverter can briefly provide. Some household appliances may require additional power when starting up, usually due to higher current peaks during startup. For example, if you're using devices like a microwave, coffee maker, and refrigerator simultaneously, which are inductive loads, they typically need 3-5 times the starting power. The inverter's peak power should be able to meet the requirements of these devices to ensure they can start and operate smoothly.

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Ways to Connect 6200W 48V Hybrid Inverter to Batteries

When using a 6200W 48V hybrid inverter, you can connect batteries of different voltages, including 12V, 24V, and 48V.

Here are the connection methods for batteries of different voltages:

Connecting 12V Batteries: If you choose to use 12V batteries, you can connect multiple 12V batteries in series to achieve the desired total voltage. For example, if you need 48V, you can connect four 12V batteries in series.

Connecting 24V Batteries: If you choose to use 24V batteries, you can directly connect two 24V batteries in series.

Connecting 48V Batteries: If you choose to use 48V batteries, you only need to connect a single 48V battery to the inverter.

In addition to the connection method, you also need to consider the following aspects:

Battery Capacity: The power output of the inverter is related to the capacity of the connected batteries. You need to ensure that the selected batteries have enough capacity to meet your power requirements and provide an adequate backup power duration.

Charging and Discharging Rates: Understanding the charging and discharging rates of the batteries is crucial. The inverter needs to be able to charge and discharge the batteries according to the load requirements, so the battery's charging and discharging rates should match the inverter's requirements.

Battery Type: Choosing the right battery type for your needs is also important. Common battery types include lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and more. Different types of batteries have different characteristics and pros and cons, and you can choose based on your requirements and budget.

In summary, when connecting a 6200W 48V hybrid inverter, you can choose batteries of different voltages and need to consider factors such as battery capacity, charging and discharging rates, battery type, and battery protection. These factors will help ensure that your battery system works well with the inverter and provides reliable power supply.

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How many solar panels do I need?

The voltage range for the 6200W 48V hybrid inverter is 55-450Vdc. To determine how many solar panels you need, you'll require specific parameters for each solar panel, including the Vmp (Voltage at Maximum Power), Voc (Open Circuit Voltage), and Imp (Maximum Operating Current).

You can refer to this article for the detailed calculation process.

To accurately determine the number of solar panels required for the 6200W hybird inverter, you may also need to consider factors such as your geographic location, sunlight exposure, and make appropriate adjustments for more precise energy calculations.



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