• Aluminum Outcast

    Aluminum Outcast

  • 90% Efficiency

    90% Efficiency

  • 20 Indicators LCD

    20 Indicators LCD

  • Intelligent Alarms

    Intelligent Alarms

  • 4 Meters Remote Control

    4 Meters Remote Control

  • Dual 2.1A USB

    Dual 2.1A USB

  • Built-in Heat Dissipation

    Built-in Heat Dissipation

  • 5 Minitues Installation

    5 Minitues Installation


Take SineMate with you to explore the world

Make your journey warm and shining

Soft Start Design


SineMate earns its reputation for rock-hard alibility to drive many kinds of appliances with stable performance.No matter working with a solar system, RV, truck, or other battery DC source, it powers you as always.

Exquisite Design

Anodized Aluminum Enclosure


Intelligent control, real-time monitoring, AC output frequency are more accurate, and the work is more stable.


With this design, the output sinewave is purer, and there is less electromagnetic interference.

High Speed MCU

Intelligent control, real-time monitoring, AC output frequency is more accurate, and thework is more stable.

Revisable controller

Remote Controller

86 x 86 cms fixable board with standard RJ45 port and 5 meters cable. You can replace it with a longer cable to increase control distance. For on /off and monitoring battery voltage.

Econ V3.0 control

High Compatibility

It is suitable for inductive, capacitive, and resistive load for RV, solar system, emergency power, garden work, caravan, vessel, off-grid, and more. Dual EU 230V Sockets will power up your coffee machine, fridge, microwave, ice cream machine, vacuum cleaner, electric bicycle, laptop, pool filter, water pump, and more.

SineMate, guard your system as a whole

With peace of mine, to create your own way of life

Intellegent protection, just diffierent

lntelligent Alarm

Imaginative buzzer designs to provide five kinds of alarm models for different situations. More easily to find out what is going on for your system.

  • Low voltage
  • High Voltage
  • Over Load
  • Temperature Protect

High Efficiency LCD

20 Indicators LCD, to know what's going on at a glance.


Flame Safety Cover

Flame retardant material cover keeps you safe and avoids any touching and short circuit of input terminals.

Fairly simple to start it

Cut unnecessary, just simplicity left

5 Minitues lnstallation

Open mounting ports design provides easy and fast installation for home and RV users. CE-certificate meets vehicle modification policy.

Install and work

Save money, Save time, Eco life


Find out where they are using

where they are using